Primeval Stalker



Primeval Stalker - Female ClosePrimeval Stalker - Female FrontPrimeval Stalker - Female BackPrimeval Stalker - Female RightPrimeval Stalker - Female Left


Primeval Stalker - Male ClosePrimeval Stalker - Male FrontPrimeval Stalker - Male BackPrimeval Stalker - Male RightPrimeval Stalker - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Primeval Stalker Female JacketPrimeval Stalker Female PantsPrimeval Stalker Female BootsPrimeval Stalker Female MaskPrimeval Stalker Female GlovesPrimeval Stalker Female BeltPrimeval Stalker Female Bracers

Primeval Stalker Male JacketPrimeval Stalker Male PantsPrimeval Stalker Male BootsPrimeval Stalker Male MaskPrimeval Stalker Male GlovesPrimeval Stalker Male BeltPrimeval Stalker Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Primeval Stalker Dyed

HeadPrimeval Stalker Mask
ChestPrimeval Stalker Jacket
HandsPrimeval Stalker Gloves
WaistPrimeval Stalker Belt
LegsPrimeval Stalker Pants
FeetPrimeval Stalker Boots
WristsPrimeval Stalker Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Mid Rim Explorer’s Pack