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This is a page to showcase those submitters that have sent in 5 or more customized sets. Click on the submitter’s name to see their personal page. If you see any mistakes on your page or you’ve submitted sets under multiple names, let me know in the comments or send me a message and I’ll correct it/add a page, but please give me at least 24 hours. This is a manual process and I’m not on the computer 24/7. I usually update posts once per day in the morning (US Central time) unless I have an appointment or am out of town.

If you have questions about why clicking on a link doesn’t allow you to like a page, please see this post.

Most Liked Prolific Posters

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TitleLike Count
Exiled Messenger - The Harbinger32
Aeden – Jedi Covenant28
Joolander – The Ebon Hawk28
Njessi - Jedi Covenant26
Errtai – The Red Eclipse25
Atlantic – The Harbinger24
Acoustic Rob – The Ebon Hawk22
Sisqi - The Progenitor16
Aveline - The Progenitor15
Cainite – T3-M413


Prolific Posters: If you would like to change the Featured Image or add any biographical information to your page, send me a contact message with the image or text. The image must be 150 x 150 px and cannot break the site terms of service.

Prolific Posters

  • anoneemoose

    So are uploads slow right now because there are a lot of uploads to sort through or is there a bug that messes up sets that are uploaded under the same character name?

    • Exiled Messenger

      This page is up to date. I update it every morning when appropriate. I just checked the two submissions from last night and neither will be added to this page at this time because the submitters aren’t up to 5 submissions yet.

      • anoneemoose

        Interesting, the problem must be on my end then. Will re-upload.

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