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PvP Level 60

This gear is no longer available.


Wazone Gear Vendor
Armor Rating 168 / AME Name 31X

[cgview id=1531,2200 num=150 orderby=title order=asc size=145×145 quality=100 lightbox=0]

Dark Reaver

Ranked Warzone Gear Vendor
Armor Rating 174 / AME Name 33X

[cgview id=1531,2201 num=150 orderby=title order=asc size=145×145 quality=100 lightbox=0]


  1. Josh Hamano
    2 December 2014 @ 2346

    That Dark Reaver helmet looks like Dr. Fate.


  2. Aleksey314
    6 January 2016 @ 0607

    Is there a section where I can check out crafted PvP shells? That require certain valor.


    • gua543
      6 January 2016 @ 1114

      Level 50 PvP gear section. Battlemaster, War Hero and War Hero (Rated) gear can be crafted, without the belt and wrists.


      • Aleksey314
        26 January 2016 @ 1336

        Thanks! I like Battlemaster War Leader/Vindicator (Imp) set, now levelling a Jugg through PvP. I noticed the absence of crafted belts and bracers on GTN, I guess those from Reaver set will do instead.


      • MasterQ
        20 June 2016 @ 1711

        Hei! you said that this armors can be crafted , can u tell me what skills i need ? and isthere an items crafting ?


        • Exiled Messenger
          20 June 2016 @ 1732

          If you don’t already have the schematic, there is no way to acquire it now.


          • [email protected]/EA/SWTOR
            28 March 2017 @ 1708

            Why not? What happened to them all? No way to buy them or find them from looting NPCs?

          • Exiled Messenger
            28 March 2017 @ 1741

            Because since the game launched, they’ve removed the end-game gear with each major update.

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