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PvP Season Rewards

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Predacious Bronze Battle Flag of RecognitionToy
Predacious Silver Battle Flag of Recognition
Predacious Gold Battle Flag of Recognition
Title: Favored by the ScorekeeperTitle1,800 Ranked Season 6 Token
Title: Head HunterTitle6,000 Ranked Season 6 Token
Title: PredatorTitle32,000 Ranked Season 6 Token

Season 7

Bronze Season 7 BattleflagToy
Silver Season 7 Battle FlagToy
Gold Season 7 Battle FlagToy
Title: Eternal "Advanced Class Character Name"Title
Title: 5 Arena Themed TitlesTitle1,000 Ranked Season 7 Token (each)
Title: The Fearless and Inventive "Character Name"Title20,000 Ranked Season 7 Token
Title: :Character Name," Giradda's Kind of ScumTitle100,000 Ranked Season 7 Token

Season 8

Bronze Season 8 FlairFlair
Silver Season 8 FlairFlair
Gold Season 8 FlairFlair
Top 96 Season 8 FlairFlair
Bronze Season 8 Battle FlagToy
Silver Season 8 Battle FlagToy
Gold Season 8 Battle FlagToy
Bronze Title: "Hot [Character Name]"Title
Silver Title: "Sizzling [Character Name]"Title
Gold Title: "[Character Name] the Fiery"Title
Top 96 Title: '[Player Name], on Fire"Title
Canyon CrusherTitle2,000 Tokens
Cove CuthroatTitle2,000 Tokens
Mesa MaulerTitle2,000 Tokens
Orbital Station ObliteratorTitle2,000 Tokens
Slayer of the SquareTitle2,000 Tokens
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