Raider’s Cove Bulwark / Pummeler



Raider's Cove Warrior - Female CloseRaider's Cove Warrior - Female FrontRaider's Cove Warrior - Female BackRaider's Cove Warrior - Female RightRaider's Cove Warrior - Female Left


Raider's Cove Warrior - Male CloseRaider's Cove Warrior - Male FrontRaider's Cove Warrior - Male BackRaider's Cove Warrior - Male RightRaider's Cove Warrior - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Raider's Cove Warrior Female ChestguardRaider's Cove Warrior Female GreavesRaider's Cove Warrior Female Boots

Raider's Cove Warrior Female HeadgearRaider's Cove Warrior Female Handgear

Raider's Cove Warrior Female BeltRaider's Cove Warrior Female Bracers

Raider's Cove Warrior Male ChestguardRaider's Cove Warrior Male GreavesRaider's Cove Warrior Male Boots

Raider's Cove Warrior Male HeadgearRaider's Cove Warrior Male Handgear

Raider's Cove Warrior Male BeltRaider's Cove Warrior Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Raider's Cove Warrior Dyed



HeadRaider’s Cove Pummeler’s Headgear
ChestRaider’s Cove Pummeler’s Chestguard
HandsRaider’s Cove Pummeler’s Handgear
WaistRaider’s Cove Pummeler’s Belt
LegsRaider’s Cove Pummeler’s Greaves
FeetRaider’s Cove Pummeler’s Boots
WristsRaider’s Cove Pummeler’s Armguards


HeadRaider’s Cove Bulwark’s Headgear
ChestRaider’s Cove Bulwark’s Body Armor
HandsRaider’s Cove Bulwark’s Gloves
WaistRaider’s Cove Bulwark’s Belt
LegsRaider’s Cove Bulwark’s Greaves
FeetRaider’s Cove Bulwark’s Boots
WristsRaider’s Cove Bulwark’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

Rishi Main Quest Line

  • Head – Broken Blades
  • Chest – Monkey-Lizard Business
  • Hands – Making a Mark
  • Waist – Chapter 5: Shadow of Revan
  • Legs – The Cove Cries
  • Feet – In Plain Sight
  • Wrists – The Slavers


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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