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TOR Fashion


  1. Switish
    1 September 2013 @ 1938

    I miss these sets…


  2. Derek
    27 January 2014 @ 0605

    it is available. Classic Gear Vendor, Fleet


    • Triple Zero
      27 January 2014 @ 1808

      BioWare retired Rakata gear when level cap was increased from 50 to 55. Rakata gear could no longer be acquired in game after that. Campaign gear is what is available from Classic Gear Vendor on fleet.


      • Jean Piston
        4 July 2015 @ 1509

        Rakata body pieces stil available at reputation vendor section X
        Even now the game is lvl 60 cap


  3. RossT2
    25 April 2015 @ 2221

    They need a lookalike of this set on the cartel market they seem to be bringing back old gear shells


    • Ravarah
      25 April 2015 @ 2246

      I’d love to have to old Rakata shells up on the CM or something.


    • Aela'eth
      26 April 2015 @ 0256

      If you go to Sec X u can (Minus the backpack), all tough you need some high standing with them


  4. Zakun
    26 April 2015 @ 1454

    I hope they bring back this helmet style. Both this version and the Supercommando version.


  5. Dralgus
    26 August 2015 @ 0740

    I really want to see this set come back in some way, whether it is a rep reward, cartel market or some other way. When I say this I mean this version, as this one actually has quite a change when dyed whereas the Supercommando or section X set both don’t look that great when dyed to me. I would have grabbed it on my Trooper back when it was around but I was a tanking Vanguard at the time so never thought to pick it up.


  6. xking5v
    26 October 2015 @ 0235

    there is now a craft-able version that looks like this


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