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  1. Arclinon
    15 May 2012 @ 2052

     This set has been misnamed appearantly it should have been called Rakata Field Ninja


  2. William
    21 May 2012 @ 0215

    i would not mind dressing like this…:)


  3. Perrin
    23 May 2012 @ 1312

    Actually this is also mis-labelled.  The Imperial and Republic gear at this level look nothing alike.  This is the Imperial only set (also a HELL of a lot better looking than the Zorro of Scoundrels).


  4. Flamecloak
    1 November 2012 @ 2334

    I really wanna get this to wear on my Marauder, just slide in the right mods and it would be perfect. 🙂


    • Flamecloak
      5 November 2012 @ 0257

      Also, does anybody know what that belt is?


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