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  1. Arclinon
    15 May 2012 @ 2021

    And the award for the silliest hat in the galaxy award goes to Consular’s headgear or as i like to call it a repurposed satelite dish.


    • ♥ Goddess Leira ♥
      19 May 2012 @ 1419

       It’s still gorgeous.


      • Arclinon
        21 May 2012 @ 1611

         Note to self: Start a fashion line with scrap metal as base material


  2. Joshua 'Ikarai' Hawke
    16 May 2012 @ 1755

    Wow. Now I wish I went Sage instead of Sorcerer. The Republic set is gorgeous.


  3. William
    21 May 2012 @ 0320

     like the imp set minus the helmet


    • dulfy
      21 May 2012 @ 0404

      the helmet, ugh 🙁


      • Arclinon
        21 May 2012 @ 1613

         Hey, look at the bright side, you could connect it to tv and get satelite broadcast or connect it to headphones and get latest podcasts, see it is great!


  4. Shion
    3 July 2012 @ 1100

    Hmmm, I think the belt on the Imperial Rakata set in the pictures is not a force-master sash but actually a survivor or stalker belt (for assasins), I know because I have a sith sorcerer.


  5. Darth Ji'inx
    8 November 2015 @ 1931

    This look is available visually as the Ottegan Force Expert set (Rating 186).


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