RD-06B Eliminator Imp - Female CloseRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Female FrontRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Female BackRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Female RightRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Female Left 

Female (Submitted by: Ufan’ixl’a of The Harbinger)



RD-06B Eliminator Imp - Male CloseRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Male FrontRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Male BackRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Male RightRD-06B Eliminator Imp - Male Left


Head RD-06B Eliminator Headgear
Chest RD-06B Eliminator Jacket
Hands RD-06B Eliminator Gloves
Waist [Prototype] RD-06B Eliminator Belt
Legs RD-06B Eliminator Leggings
Feet RD-06B Eliminator Boots
Wrists [Prototype] RD-06B Eliminator Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Random drop from champions/elites on Belsavis/Voss/Corellia. [Prototype] gear is from world drops. Belt and bracers are not moddable.

  • Gloves: Voss Planetary Comm Vendor
  • Boots: Voss Planetary Comm Vendor


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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