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TOR Fashion


  1. Mako
    5 June 2012 @ 0335

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the best way to get this set is to farm champions. At level 38 as a Jedi Sentinel I was able to farm a lvl 39 isolated champion on Hoth for some time, gaining numerous orange quality items constantly. Killing champions at around the level of these items shown above will most certainly yield those items eventually. Tips: If you cannot solo them at your level, wait until you’re higher, or at max, in this situation at max, or able to obviously solo them at your current level. Also try to find a champion that has a quick spawn rate (I had to wait about 20-25 min for each spawn when I was farming) and try to find a champion that is isolated from other enemies to prevent conflicts while you are afk. Finally, and this is the most obvious thing. SEND your companions out on crew skill tasks while this is occuring, and don’t forget you’ll be booted offline if you stay inactive for too long, so move your character every once in a while. Also, you may want to take a longer break, as I noticed if I farmed for too long he eventually either starts only dropping greens, or absolutely nothing with no experience gain. Otherwise it’s a piece of cake so long as you can down him them and you’re using your time to do something else while Afk. Mw3 for me 🙂

    Of course… as I said earlier, if I am wrong and none of the pieces drop off champions then I am sorry for partially wasting your time.


    • Sarigar
      22 July 2013 @ 1542

      They significantly changed the orange item drop rate from champions on all worlds; they don’t drop anywhere near as often now. Used to be you could farm the numerous named champions on Voss for hours and rack up dozens of blues and oranges, now you’re lucky if they drop even a blue.


  2. Trip
    4 July 2012 @ 2112

    This dropped for me on Voss, off a boss in a Heroic (temple in North West of map, whose name eludes me).


    • Nodo
      6 July 2012 @ 1456

      do you remember if it was the heroic “The First Commando’s Call”. I
      have been looking for this for a few months now but this is the closest
      I’ve found to someone locating it. I see it on our GTN but not going to
      pay 2 mil for something like that. I’d pay some but not that price.
      Figured, I’m better of finding it myself, any more specifics would be
      nice. If not, I’ll continue to keep on the hunt, thanks again for even
      posting 🙂


      • Nodo
        6 July 2012 @ 2141

        Bah who am I kidding, he came down some so I buy 🙂 thanks again!


  3. Charlie
    14 July 2012 @ 1203

    Can anyone tell me the name of the rifle on the male agent pictured above?


    • helmetz
      16 July 2012 @ 2017

      It’s the Battlemaster Enforcer’s Sniper Rifle


  4. Elduriel
    12 September 2012 @ 1117

    I so want this set for my agent, mainly chest/legs, but never dropped for me… and on GTN chest goes for like 1-1,5 mill credits, madness :/


  5. nativetrash
    21 October 2012 @ 0624

    Just sold the chest piece for 900K, dammit should went for more as it sold under the hour. dammit haha.


  6. Ramin Samimi
    22 January 2013 @ 0142

    In my humble opinion, this is the best looking armor for an agent. This looks especially good on a type 1 female. The curves of the armor reminds me of an exotic race car.


  7. Jimbo Slice
    18 February 2013 @ 0800

    I got the chest from a blue 46 box given as a reward for a Voss heroic, Ancient Guardians. The 46 boxes can be bought from the commendation vendor for 10 comms too.


  8. Aleksey314
    3 October 2013 @ 2130

    This set, especially the chest, is awesome. Gives an agent the look of efficient killing machine. I will get it for myself, but consider changing the belt (because of cylinder on the back) and boots (too high). If these pieces are not on GTN, they should be farmed from Voss herioics and champions, correct? I think, it is there where I got the bracers from.


  9. Darth Ji'inx
    11 March 2015 @ 1341

    Excluding the helm, this set is a recolor of the Scalene armors from the Gree event minus the glow.


    • Exiled Messenger
      11 March 2015 @ 1349

      Actually, it would be the opposite of that. The Scalene armors are a recolor of this set or style. This one has been around since launch. The Scalene armors came later.


  10. Faceless Sally
    18 August 2015 @ 1458

    Is there any way I can get this for my Commando? Or would it change appearance once I send it over to the Republic side?


    • Tarsin
      17 September 2015 @ 1119

      Only imperial agents can wear this. The closest equivalent on pub side would be the Starfighter rewards armor with a white/gray dye.


      • Faceless Sally
        20 September 2015 @ 0120

        Ugh. Of course.

        Thanks for the reply!


  11. Havran
    18 April 2016 @ 0432

    I checked the adaptive gear vendor on both the fleet and Dromund Kaas, but the vendor does not have it. Or, I found a wrong adaptive gear vendor. Please, could you post here the exact location of the vendor? Thank you!


    • gua543
      18 April 2016 @ 0445

      Vendor comes with the next patch.


    • Exiled Messenger
      18 April 2016 @ 0728

      It won’t be available on the vendor until 4.4 in May.


  12. Truly Deceptive
    15 July 2016 @ 0817

    Why is this in the Voss Rep category?


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