• Source: Adaptive Gear Vendor (Fleet, Coruscant, Dromund Kaas)
  • Cost: 2,500 credits per piece


RD-17A Hellfire - Female CloseRD-17A Hellfire - Female FrontRD-17A Hellfire - Female BackRD-17A Hellfire - Female RightRD-17A Hellfire - Female Left


RD-17A Hellfire - Male CloseRD-17A Hellfire - Male FrontRD-17A Hellfire - Male BackRD-17A Hellfire - Male RightRD-17A Hellfire - Male Left

Individual Pieces

RD-17A Hellfire Body ArmorRD-17A Hellfire LeggingsRD-17A Hellfire HelmetRD-17A Hellfire BootsRD-17A Hellfire GauntletsRD-17A Hellfire BeltRD-17A Hellfire Bracers


Pale Blue and Pale Pink / Black and Black / Dark Green and White

RD-17A Hellfire Dyed FrontRD-17A Hellfire Dyed Backblackblack8darkgreenwhite8

Hides Hood

RD-17A Hellfire Hides Hood

Head RD-17A Hellfire Helmet
Chest RD-17A Hellfire Body Armor
Hands RD-17A Hellfire Gauntlets
Waist RD-17A Hellfire Belt
Legs RD-17A Hellfire Leggings
Feet RD-17A Hellfire Boots
Wrists RD-17A Hellfire Bracers


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces