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TOR Fashion


  1. Triple Zero
    14 September 2013 @ 0018

    May the “hunter” tag please be added to this set?


    • Exiled Messenger
      14 September 2013 @ 0331

      Yes, I haven’t made it this far in cleaning up the sets.


      • Triple Zero
        16 September 2013 @ 1401

        My apologies then. I will wait for the cleanup to be announced as completed before asking for any more tags.


        • Exiled Messenger
          16 September 2013 @ 1419

          No worries. You can keep track of how far I’ve gotten with my daily updates on the front page. I slowed down a bit over the last two days because I want to implement a better way to view similar sets too.


  2. Samuel Chelemer
    23 September 2016 @ 0251

    The jetpack isn’t a working one? Really?


  3. Jakub Berger
    13 May 2017 @ 1308

    It’s great armor (for the price) but I hate the fact that even when you dye it, the legs stays dark green with yellow knees :/


  4. Leonid Saykin
    26 December 2017 @ 1732

    looks like a mismatch of various different armor pieces, with a extremely bizarre paint job, kind of fitting for a bounty hunter


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