Reaperkill – The Red Eclipse


Character – Reaperkill – The Red Eclipse – Vanguard

Submitted by – Mike Wheeler




Piece Name Color Matched? Dye/Crystal Color(s)
Head (Artifact – TT-31A Elite Vanguard Helmet) – (Offhel – Overloaded Interogator headgear Yes Black & Black
Chest Protype – RD-12B War Chestguard Black & Black
Hands Frenzied Zealot Gauntlets Yes Black & Black
Waist Underwater Adventurer Weight Belt Yes Black & Black
Legs Prototype – RD-12B War Greaves Yes Black & Black
Feet Ironclad Soldier Boots Yes Black & Black
Wrists Frenzied Zealot Braces Yes Black & Black
Weapon CD-35 Blaster Rifle Purple
Offhand Prototype – Sensory Deflector D-Shield Generator Purple

Where to Obtain:

Head: Both at GTN

Chest: GTN

Hands: GTN

Waist: GTN

Legs: GTN

Feet: GTN

Wrists: GTN

Weapon: GTN

Offhand: GTN

AMR Character Build Link: