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  1. Eran Skye
    31 July 2014 @ 0845

    -spends forever getting valor up and 3m for set-
    2 months later comes out with a set that’ll probably 300k


    • gua543
      31 July 2014 @ 1019

      This set will absolutely not sell for 300k, it will be just as expensive as the craftable one. Trust me.


      • Luis Rosado
        19 August 2014 @ 0257

        No way, this thing will sell sell sell. No valor lvl required? Yeah you’re deluded if you think people will get the craftable set over this.


        • Sprigellania
          12 September 2014 @ 1929

          I got it all for about 12k…..


          • Luis Rosado
            15 September 2014 @ 0608

            sooooo you bought it……

          • CreeperCorp Gamer
            25 June 2015 @ 1134

            i got it for half a mill

    • RossT2
      8 August 2014 @ 0645

      300k I doubt it very much, this will probably cost around 3-8 Mil depending on your server


      • Joe Gurtler
        10 August 2014 @ 0116

        Wait, 3 million for the Battlemaster set? The individual pieces for for about 50-100K a pop on The Ebon Hawk.

        If its a Gold level item, it will go for about 2 mil on my server. If it is a Silver, it will go down to about 500K tops after about two weeks of people competing with each other.

        I just hope they don’t pull the shit they did with the Nimble Brawler and Ceremonial Mystics set. People got a F-Ton of near unsellable boots and legs.


  2. Mortaval
    31 July 2014 @ 1912

    So excited for this set!


  3. Joe Gurtler
    10 August 2014 @ 0217

    Look at the difference between this set and the Battlemaster Weaponmaster. They “Mixed” the two sets as they did with the Brawler. Battlemaster Vindicator/War Leader armor with a hood.
    The purple/pink lines you see on the legs and chest? Dye modules are not gonna override that, so you are going to be very limited in color scheme

    Don’t look at it as a replacement for the Battlemaster Weaponmaster. That one dyes well. This set, notsomuch.


    • Astyra
      30 October 2014 @ 1528

      I agree. Would’ve used this if those red lines weren’t replaced by dyes. That’s my biggest issue with this game, Agile Recon set would look awesome if it didn’t have the gold hooks and buttons all over.


  4. Astyra
    30 October 2014 @ 1527

    Lol it’s funny watching you guys speculate, having bought the whole set for around 30k then reselling it for 300 after the initial excitement of the Gatekeeper packs died down. What should REALLY be interesting is the prices of the Dathomir Shaman and Spectre set once they start popping up on the GTN.


  5. LongLegsChick
    5 April 2015 @ 1406

    This armor set doesn’t dye well except for its default color white and dyeing it with black/black.


  6. Vriff
    6 July 2015 @ 2340

    I saw a green item that looked very similar, is there one out there?


  7. Kristen Bonifield
    8 October 2016 @ 1816

    does anyone have a pic of this set before it updated?


  8. Kristen Bonifield
    9 October 2016 @ 0656

    there was a set super similar to this one that on females had a bare stomach before the update, not sure if it was this one or another. anyone familiar?


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