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  1. David Lister
    20 February 2015 @ 2327

    Still ticks me off that it’s the ONLY crystal that’s BoP and that you can’t collect.


    • Ian Argent
      8 November 2015 @ 2215

      As of today, I was able to collect it after buying it off the rep vendor


      • David Lister
        9 November 2015 @ 1002

        Sorry, misspoke.

        Have you managed to unlock it on another character yet? If so then I’ll be happy but I haven’t managed to do it because, well, you can’t or at least you couldn’t as of last month. Not that it matters because things have changed since I posted that.

        See, the problem has been solved by the fact that the red striated has finally, at long last been released. Granted, it’s more black than red but at least it IS red and that was what was irking me- dozens of blues, greens, yellows, oranges, pinks and purples but, until recently? No traditional red you could copy to your imperial characters like you could to your republic ones.

        So, if you wanted your lower leveled imperial character to have a red +41 you had to either scrounge the certificates for it or put an earlier purchase into a legacy item and pass it on. After you dropped the money to get the reputation that is.

        It was a completely unnecessary PITA given the traditional nature of the color in question and it’s already unfair scarcity. Blues and Greens were part of the first wave of crystals and unlocked like all of the others but reds took over a year and were locked down?

        Again though, we have a real and workable red now (FINALLY!) so, having some oddball locked down is still a little annoying but as just one red that could be copied was all I thought was needed to be fair to imperial players, my complaint’s been withdrawn since it’s release.


        • Ian Argent
          9 November 2015 @ 2153

          In fact, I just did pull it from collections on another character. I like this one because it’s a red core. Striated has that black core, which I don’t like as much


          • David Lister
            11 November 2015 @ 2243

            Thanks for the heads up because I just checked and not only is it now unlockable like all of the others but apparently it’s in the grand crystal cartel pack as well- which means that it’s now also available on the GTN along with all of the others.

            Glad they changed that. 😀

          • Aeden
            11 November 2015 @ 2316

            Holy crap! Thanks to you guys I just got one of those. I never thought I was ever gonna get one cause I haven’t pvp’d in a long ass time. Thanks!

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