Reelie – Star Forge

  • Character: Reelie of Star Forge
  • Imperial Agent: Sniper
  • Submitted by: Élie

Reelie is my main character and I'm used to do all sort of content in the game with her. Ops, FPs, Dailies, events, story content, PvP, etc. This red dress is used when I'm roleplaying and it turns out it was quite popular (too much even?), so I decided to share it. The following story is why and how the outfit became 'too popular'.

First off, creating unique outfit is a passion of mine. If you're ever interested yo see my other work, feel free to poke me in-game. So when I decided to start to roleplay, I had to come up with a cool outfit that would stand out.

I was tweaking around the many different armor, searching for a somewaht luxury appearance when I found out this matching top and pants, so I worked out the rest around this unique combinaison.

When I jumped in the roleplay area dressed like this, litteraly every friend I was playing with made a comment on how beautyful my look was. I even had one of them saying he was straight up going to 'steal it' and dress its character alike.

Furthermore, believe me or not, starting from that day which was like two months ago, I never stopped to receive messages like one day out of three from random people passing by telling how my outfit was either 'beautyful', 'original' or 'unique'. It keeps happening two or three times per week.

I received a lot of roleplay session offer, almost everyone wants to flirt with me and some people are even caliming they were watching me from afar, waiting for an occasion to chat with me.

That being said, like any other cool outfit, I have no 'rights' on it. An outfitis an outfit, I can't claim to be its designer. And that's why I decided to make this post on TOR-Fashion; just to have it writed down somewhere.

Why am I specifying this? Well, that's because the same outfit started to appear around in the roleplay area. Nothing wrong with it, but out of four peoples I whispered teasingly saying something like "Oh, that's my outfit! I'm glad you liked it and copied it, hehe!", one was my friend who straight up said it was copying it, one didn't respond and – here's where I was slightly frustrated on the inside – two claimed to have created the outfit on their own.

I don't want to start a debate on this. Like I said, an outfit is an outfit, but I just can't believe it. This is a random leg piece nobody ever used and what are the odd we got the exact same chest, legs and feet pieces? And all of this a few weeks after I arrived with the set with everyone noticing how original it was?

Anyways, sorry for the rant at the end.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the outfit!!

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Chest Sensuous Dress Top Dark Red and Black Dye Module GTN / Opportunist's Bounty Pack
Hands Thexan's Gloves Yes GTN / Cartel Market
Waist Noble Councilor's Sash No GTN / Cartel Market
Legs Veda Cloth Lower Robe Yes GTN / Synthweaving
Feet Noble Councilor's Boots Yes GTN / Cartel Market
Wrists Noble Councilor's Cuffs No GTN / Cartel Market