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  1. Andrei Sabin Dumitru
    11 February 2014 @ 1054

    Anybody know about the visual bug this set has?


    • Sarah v2.1
      11 February 2014 @ 1507

      this is from the latest patchnotes (2.6a): “Corrected a texture issue that caused skin to be colored incorrectly when wearing the Relaxed Vestments Chestwraps.”


      • Andrei Sabin Dumitru
        11 February 2014 @ 1548

        Oh so you CAN read them? Both the Launcher and the site appear DEAD to me!!!


        • Sarah v2.1
          11 February 2014 @ 2049

          nice 🙂


  2. GrimmFox
    5 May 2016 @ 2142

    I wish they’d release this set again. I’ve wanted it for a long time.


  3. Zasz
    10 November 2016 @ 0836

    There is a crafted item for the hands that look like the one of this set but only for republic chars. Is there a crafted version for imperials too? The only alternative my imperial char has to wear such gloves would be to buy these for 12mil…


    • anoneemoose
      10 November 2016 @ 0900

      There’s also the ambitious warrior set. That’s the gloves you are thinking of.


      • Zasz
        10 November 2016 @ 1100

        They use the same goves. The difference is that this one is gold, the warrior is silver.


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