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TOR Fashion


  1. p00n
    2 February 2016 @ 0756

    anyone actually got any pieces from the alliance packs? I’ve no seen a single bit apart from the helmet on the GTN


    • Christee
      2 February 2016 @ 1233

      I’ve gotten the chestpiece out of one of the Alliance crates but they’re bound to legacy so you can’t sell them on the GTN or anything. The old crafted versions can still be obtained on the GTN though if somebody with the schematic from pre-4.0 is selling them.


      • p00n
        3 February 2016 @ 0757

        Thanks Christee! Now at least I know they actually exist. I will persevere/


        • Gguy
          23 November 2016 @ 0509

          belive me, it’s all about luck. Past week i have gotten 3 resurrected consular headgears and when i needed it for an outfit,i didn’t get it in 30 crates =P.

          The drop rate is random, you could get 4 copies of the same item, or don’t get any of it for a while.


  2. Zeromancer
    11 August 2019 @ 1443

    I’ve been trying for years to get the Resurrected Bounty Hunter bracers, lol. I have multiple sets of everything else, yet this one piece eludes me. Can anyone confirm that they actually exist?


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