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  1. Darth Ji'inx
    19 May 2016 @ 1602

    Supposedly, this Remnant set has a variant hood-down chestpiece that looks exactly like the one from the Veteran Bulwark/Pummeler set (Pub).


    • Anonymous
      30 May 2016 @ 1213

      It’s true & I have it. Pissed off, as I’ve been trying for it forever & thought they were ALL hooded versions.
      I have a screenshot for the skeptical.


      • Darth Ji'inx
        11 September 2016 @ 0143

        You are right.


        • DR2000
          8 January 2017 @ 1420

          I just got it as well and thought I was going crazy and not reading the title right. Are there any other pieces from these crates that have different versions? Never paid attention before.


          • Darth Ji'inx
            8 January 2017 @ 1539

            It’s just the two versions of this chestpiece.

  2. Stephen Powell
    31 July 2016 @ 1205

    Do these only drop from the Ancient Artifacts crates?


    • dwad
      10 September 2016 @ 0903

      They do but the drop rate is unreal. Stacked up on about 100 Ancient Artifact crates and got only TWO pieces out of that lot… It’s near impossible to get this set now. :/


  3. Bastardodcadena
    25 September 2017 @ 0734

    i got it, i found the remmant with out hood 😀


  4. Reaper
    11 August 2019 @ 1444

    the belt is th eonly piece i need to complete the set, its been eluding me forever


  5. Poe Sanchez
    11 August 2019 @ 1443

    i was lucky enough to find the hood down version on my 5th alliance artifact crate, the only other piece i own is the bracers


  6. Ravare
    15 September 2019 @ 2129

    I got the hooded down randomly on a boosted char, but I wanted the hooded one 🙂


  7. Deral Elfor
    1 October 2019 @ 0747

    As of this comment, I’m still trying to find the boots to complete the set.


  8. Someone
    31 January 2021 @ 1251

    Does anyone know if there’s a belt like this one but with the empire insignia? Been looking for one for a bit but haven’t had any luck yet


  9. Anonymous
    12 June 2021 @ 2049

    is there a chestpiece like this, but without the awful shoulder armor?


  10. gua543
    13 June 2021 @ 0719

    @Anon2049 unfortunately not.


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