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  1. Arngrim
    2 April 2016 @ 2346

    Chest Piece is the only thing i have yet to find from smuggler crates, starting to wonder if it’s bugged and won’t drop from it. :S Opened over 100 today and still not a single Underworld Smuggler Chest.


    • Verimas
      10 April 2016 @ 1529

      Opended 10 Crates and got 3 chest pieces. ^^


      • Arngrim
        12 April 2016 @ 1600

        What class did you open them on, i mainly open them on my BH, and i get 70% BH items, coincidence or due to using the BH class? When i get Smuggler gear it’s only a chest piece 2 out of 20 times. Never gonna see that Underworld one. 🙁 Opened another 15 chests today, still nothing. Plenty of Bounty Hunter items though, from the Underworld set even.


        • Aeden
          12 April 2016 @ 1706

          Each type of crate opens two different class armor pieces. For instance Alien artifacts render inquisitor and I think Agent gear. I’m not %100 on which ones right now but it’s something like that. I’m not near a computer to check ATM.


          • Arngrim
            12 April 2016 @ 2346

            yeah, 4 different sets per class, 2 classes per crate, which make it kinda hard to get exactly what you want. But over 1k crates in total opened since the expansion launch, and i still only miss this chest piece, and its the only part i even wanted. Getting tedious.

          • Errtai
            13 April 2016 @ 0110

            You’ll get this chest piece from Oggurobb missions and/or Hylo Visz missions. Don’t bother with the military or force sensetive missions.

          • Gguy
            27 November 2016 @ 0754

            Go for Hylo, all underworld items come from her. I once remember getting “3” resurrected consular head pieces in a short time, but when i needed it for a project, i opened 40 and nothing came out of it XD.

    • Arngrim
      5 June 2016 @ 1232

      Finally got this thing! Now i just need to find Deep BrownDark Brown Dye. 🙂


  2. Gguy
    5 December 2016 @ 1124

    gotta get that helmet for a special project i am working on!


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