Rem’Tan [Outlander] – The Harbinger

    • Character: Rem’Tan [Outlander] of The Harbinger
    • Sith Warrior: Marauder
    • Submitted by: Imperious

Used to be my main character until the XP boost before Knights of the Fallen Empire…

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Force Sentry Headgear No None & None GTN
Chest Frenzied Zealot Body Armor None & None GTN
Hands B-100 Cybernetic Gauntlets Yes & GTN
Waist B-100 Cybernetic Belt No None & None GTN
Legs Outlander Mender’s Leggings MK-4 No None & None Yavin 4 Vendor
Feet Ravager’s Boots Yes & GTN
Wrists Cynosure Weaponmaster’s Bracers Yes & Imperial Fleet PvP Vendor
Weapon Attuned Pummeler’s Lightsaber None Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter XII Visions in the Dark
Offhand Cynosure Weaponmaster’s Offhand Saber None Imperial Fleet PvP Vendor

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