Remulus Dreypa



Remulus Dreypa - Female CloseRemulus Dreypa - Female FrontRemulus Dreypa - Female BackRemulus Dreypa - Female RightRemulus Dreypa - Female Left


Remulus Dreypa - Male CloseRemulus Dreypa - Male FrontRemulus Dreypa - Male BackRemulus Dreypa - Male RightRemulus Dreypa - Male Left


Chest Remulus Dreypa’s Cloak
Hands Remulus Dreypa’s Handguards
Waist Remulus Dreypa’s Belt
Legs Remulus Dreypa’s Pants
Feet Remulus Dreypa’s Boots
Wrists Remulus Dreypa’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Club Vertica Nightlife Pack


From Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Remulus Dreypa was a male Baron and Jedi Admiral who fell to the dark side during the Hundred-Year Darkness. Following the Battle of Corbos which ended that conflict in 6900 BBY, he and several other Dark Jedi followers including Karness Muur, Sorzus Syn, and XoXaan were exiled by the Jedi Orderto the Stygian Caldera. These Dark Jedi exiles discovered and conquered the Sith civilization on Korriban, forging it into the Old Sith Empire. During his time in Korriban, Dreypa played an important role in founding the Sith Order, a Force order which harnessed the powers of the dark side and pitted themselves against the Jedi. Eventually, he and several other like-minded Dark Jedi became no longer content to rule over “mongrels” in exile and sought to return to the wider galaxy and wreak vengeance against the Jedi and the Galactic Republic.