Renowned Assassin Adept (Imp)

  • Source: Obtained from Taris Heroics (no longer available):
    • Head: Spilling Chemicals (Heroic 4+)
    • Chest: Blackout (Heroic 2+)
    • Hands: Main Taris Questline
    • Legs: Last of the Tarisian Pirates (Heroic 4+)
    • Feet: Main Taris Questline

Submitted by: Xulkta


HeadRenowned Assassin Adept Headgear
ChestRenowned Assassin Adept Robe
HandsRenowned Assassin Adept Handwraps
WaistRenowned Assassin Adept Waistwrap
LegsRenowned Assassin Adept Legwraps
FeetRenowned Assassin Adept Boots
WristsRenowned Assassin Adept Bracers


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