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  1. TheKhannLegacy
    19 January 2013 @ 0116

    is it still possible to get this set?


    • Adam Romigh
      22 January 2013 @ 1823

      Nope, but it’s the same model as the tionese, columi & rakata trooper gear


      • Ancaglon
        18 June 2013 @ 1132

        Actually it isn’t. The Section X reputation gear appears similar, though.


    • ferros
      7 October 2015 @ 2151

      actually the armor set will return on KOTFE


  2. Shion
    12 June 2013 @ 1707

    The Rakghoul Pandemic event is comming back this Fall, from what I’ve read


    • Dulfy
      12 June 2013 @ 1753

      Nope, it is not coming back anytime soon. There was a dev post recently that confirmed this.


      • Ancaglon
        18 June 2013 @ 1131

        Except then they posted that they were being OTT on the denials. What’s more likely is that there will be a different rakghoul event, which may still allow this gear to be obtained.


  3. Norkei
    27 March 2015 @ 0903

    Are we ever going to see this set again? It’s one of the last that I need for the achievement.


    • xking5v
      2 October 2015 @ 1631

      coming back with KOTFE


  4. Ricardo Baião
    30 June 2015 @ 1228

    Bioware doesn’t like the Republic to have nice looking armors, that’s why they took this away…

    Thank goodness I dropped the Rep Faction for Imps a long time ago…


  5. Robert Kristian Johansen
    27 October 2015 @ 0400

    How many Rakghoul DNA Canister can you get during one event? The total amount needed seems excessive…


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