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  1. Phoenix
    7 July 2012 @ 0914

    This is bought from the CE vendor on the fleet.


  2. Ailias
    14 November 2012 @ 0643

    Noooooo! I want it for my commando but don’t have CE… hope it comes out in the cartel shop


  3. James Collar
    14 January 2013 @ 0815

    DId this change recently? I could have sworn this was more like what the soldiers on Ord Mantell wear… if it didn’t change, then what am I thinking of?


  4. Suu-kyi
    5 June 2014 @ 1556

    Is there anything similar to this that’s BoE or BoL?


    • barihawk
      25 September 2016 @ 0959

      Late response but in case anyone sees this: You can get a similar set with different colorings for Fleet Commendations from the vendor in the mounts section of the Pub fleet.


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