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  1. Hib
    27 November 2015 @ 0848

    This set has the same appearance as the imperial Yavin Targeter MK-2.
    So you could just reuse the pics.


  2. tavvers
    30 December 2015 @ 0131

    Ive seen this stuff on the gtn? how exactly? its all bop


    • Exiled Messenger
      30 December 2015 @ 0614

      The MK-3 version is BoE. It drops in tactical FPs.


      • Tavvers
        30 December 2015 @ 1037

        Do you happen to know how specifically? like do i have to be underleveled and in a fp?


        • Exiled Messenger
          30 December 2015 @ 1042

          Your character needs to be close in level to the set level for it to drop. Requisitioned is level 7, so I’m assuming your character would need to be level 1 to around 15 or so. Aftermarket is level 17, so at some point, that would start dropping instead of the Requisitioned sets.


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