Resurrected Challenger / Vindicator / War Leader / Weaponmaster (Pub)



Resurrected Knight - Female CloseResurrected Knight - Female FrontResurrected Knight - Female BackResurrected Knight - Female RightResurrected Knight - Female Left


Resurrected Knight - Male CloseResurrected Knight - Male FrontResurrected Knight - Male BackResurrected Knight - Male RightResurrected Knight - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Resurrected Knight Female VestResurrected Knight Female LeggingsResurrected Knight Female Boots

Resurrected Knight Female HeadgearResurrected Knight Female Gloves

Resurrected Knight Female WaistcordResurrected Knight Female Bracers

Resurrected Knight Male VestResurrected Knight Male LeggingsResurrected Knight Male Boots

Resurrected Knight Male HeadgearResurrected Knight Male Gloves

Resurrected Knight Male WaistcordResurrected Knight Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Resurrected Knight Dyed


Sentinel – DPS

HeadResurrected Challenger’s Headgear
ChestResurrected Challenger’s Vest
HandsResurrected Challenger’s Gloves
WaistResurrected Challenger’s Waistcord
LegsResurrected Challenger’s Leggings
FeetResurrected Challenger’s Boots
WristsResurrected Challenger’s Bracers

Sentinel – DPS

HeadResurrected Weaponmaster’s Headgear
ChestResurrected Weaponmaster’s Vest
HandsResurrected Weaponmaster’s Gloves
WaistResurrected Weaponmaster’s Waistcord
LegsResurrected Weaponmaster’s Leggings
FeetResurrected Weaponmaster’s Boots
WristsResurrected Weaponmaster’s Bracers

Guardian – DPS

HeadResurrected Vindicator’s Headgear
ChestResurrected Vindicator’s Chestguard
HandsResurrected Vindicator’s Handgear
WaistResurrected Vindicator’s Belt
LegsResurrected Vindicator’s Greaves
FeetResurrected Vindicator’s Boots
WristsResurrected Vindicator’s Armguards

Guardian – Tank

HeadResurrected War Leader’s Headgear
ChestResurrected War Leader’s Body Armor
HandsResurrected War Leader’s Gloves
WaistResurrected War Leader’s Belt
LegsResurrected War Leader’s Greaves
FeetResurrected War Leader’s Boots
WristsResurrected War Leader’s Armguards

Where to Obtain:

Tokens drop from the following:

  • Ravagers SM
  • ToS SM
  • Xenoanalyst II SM
  • Heart of Ruin SM


Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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