Revanite Force-Master / Force-Mystic / Stalker / Survivor (Imp)



Revanite Inquisitor - Female CloseRevanite Inquisitor - Female FrontRevanite Inquisitor - Female BackRevanite Inquisitor - Female RightRevanite Inquisitor - Female Left


Revanite Inquisitor - Male CloseRevanite Inquisitor - Male FrontRevanite Inquisitor - Male BackRevanite Inquisitor - Male RightRevanite Inquisitor - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Revanite Inquisitor Female VestmentsRevanite Inquisitor Female LeggingsRevanite Inquisitor Female Boots

Revanite Inquisitor Female HeadgearRevanite Inquisitor Female Gloves

Revanite Inquisitor Female BracersRevanite Inquisitor Female Sash

Revanite Inquisitor Male VestmentsRevanite Inquisitor Male Lower RobeRevanite Inquisitor Male Boots

Revanite Inquisitor Male HeadgearRevanite Inquisitor Male Glvoes

Revanite Inquisitor Male BracersRevanite Inquisitor Male Sash


Revanite Inquisitor Dyed


Sorcerer DPS

HeadRevanite Force-Master’s Headgear
ChestRevanite Force-Master’s Vestments
HandsRevanite Force-Master’s Gloves
WaistRevanite Force-Master’s Sash
LegsRevanite Force-Master’s Lower Robe
FeetRevanite Force-Master’s Boots
WristsRevanite Force-Master’s Bracers

Sorcerer Healer

HeadRevanite Force-Mystic’s Headgear
ChestRevanite Force-Mystic’s Robe
HandsRevanite Force-Mystic’s Gloves
WaistRevanite Force-Mystic’s Sash
LegsRevanite Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe
FeetRevanite Force-Mystic’s Boots
WristsRevanite Force-Mystic’s Cuffs

Assassin DPS

HeadRevanite Stalker’s Headgear
ChestRevanite Stalker’s Robe
HandsRevanite Stalker’s Handwraps
WaistRevanite Stalker’s Waistwrap
LegsRevanite Stalker’s Legwraps
FeetRevanite Stalker’s Boots
WristsRevanite Stalker’s Bracers

Assassin Tank

HeadRevanite Survivor’s Headgear
ChestRevanite Survivor’s Robe
HandsRevanite Survivor’s Handwraps
WaistRevanite Survivor’s Waistwrap
LegsRevanite Survivor’s Legwraps
FeetRevanite Survivor’s Boots
WristsRevanite Survivor’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

  • Ravagers HM
  • ToS HM
  • Heart of Ruin HM


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