• Character: Rheinboldt of The Red Eclipse
    • Bounty Hunter: Mercenary
    • Submitted by: TheGremoryLegacy


Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Cademimu Ranger’s Headgear Yes & Cademimu – Captain Grimyk
Chest Cademimu Ranger’s Body Armor Deep Red & Black Cademimu – Officer Xander
Hands Conquered Exarch’s Meditation Gloves Yes & One-time reward for completing Star Fortress Heroic modes
Waist Remnant Arkanian Trooper’s Belt Yes & Alliance Supply Crate
Legs Dune Stalker Greaves Yes & Underworld Alliance Pack/GTN
Feet Havoc Squad Boots Yes & Wild Space Explorer’s Pack/GTN
Wrists &
Weapon R-30017 Aikion Blaster Red Cartel Market/GTN
Offhand R-30017 Aikion Blaster Red Cartel Market/GTN

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