Rhyneria Kressh – Satele Shan

  • Character: Rhyneria Kressh of Satele Shan
  • Jedi Consular: Shadow
  • Submitted by: Contispex

A character that is (at least according to my ingame Legacy) the daughter of one of the three main antagonists of said Legacy. She was probably training to be a Sith Lord at one point, but ran off to join the Jedi. Light as Light and loyal, surprisingly, to the Republic.

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head White-Red
Chest Conquered Exarch's Meditation Robe Star Fortresses
Hands Conquered Exarch Subterfuge Gloves Yes Star Fortress
Waist Amplified Champion's Belt Renown Crates(?)
Legs Havoc Squad Greaves Yes
Feet Havoc Squad Boots Yes
Weapon Atttuned Force-Lord's Saberstaff Advanced Red-Black GTN