Rugged Infantry



Rugged Infantry - Female CloseRugged Infantry - Female FrontRugged Infantry - Female BackRugged Infantry - Female RightRugged Infantry - Female Left


Rugged Infantry - Male CloseRugged Infantry - Male FrontRugged Infantry - Male BackRugged Infantry - Male RightRugged Infantry - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Rugged Infantry Female BreastplateRugged Infantry Female PantsRugged Infantry Female BootsRugged Infantry Female HelmetRugged Infantry Female BeltRugged Infantry Female GauntletsRugged Infantry Female Bracers

Rugged Infantry Male BreastplateRugged Infantry Male PantsRugged Infantry Male BootsRugged Infantry Male HelmetRugged Infantry Male BeltRugged Infantry Male GauntletsRugged Infantry Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Rugged Infantry Dyed

Hides Hood

Rugged Infantry Hides Hood


HeadRugged Infantry Helmet
ChestRugged Infantry Breastplate
HandsRugged Infantry Gauntlets
WaistRugged Infantry Belt
LegsRugged Infantry Pants
FeetRugged Infantry Boots
WristsRugged Infantry Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Deep Core Explorer’s Pack