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  1. Ri'ann Dor
    28 March 2017 @ 1323

    I absolutly love this set! There is just enough color to make it interesting without it looking garish at all – especially the teal parts look great. I also like how the same colors pop up on the blasters.
    The mask looks amazing here…never considered it to work so well on a tech-based character.


    • Aeden Darko
      29 March 2017 @ 1909

      Thanks a lot Ri’ann. Coming from you that means a lot. This is probably one of the only suits that will end up ridiculous enough to use these blasters. Such a shame seeing as they have amazing animations. Hope you don’t mind me saying you’ve been killing it these days. Your shots look truly cinematic and the gear is just awesome. Well done.


      • Ri'ann Dor
        30 March 2017 @ 1417

        Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

        I’m glad to see you have been busy with so many new outfits too – your submissions are always a delight to see. 🙂


  2. Aeden Darko
    29 March 2017 @ 1904

    Waist – Zayne Carrick’s Belt
    Wrist – Apex Sovereign Bracers

    Chest – Outlander Proficient Suit
    Feet – Intelligence Officer Boots


    • Steve
      8 April 2017 @ 2214

      I must not be finding the right chest piece as I can not get that blue you got there. Weird. Looks freakin awesome 🙂


      • Aeden Darko
        9 April 2017 @ 2254

        Hey Steve!
        It appears to be a premium green level item. If there are other versions of this jacket they are probably affected in different ways. If you’re going for the same look try this one if you had a different one before. Thanks for the kind words mate.


        • Steve
          9 April 2017 @ 2307

          Think thats what I have, weird. Going to try this on my male human Slinger I think, body type 2 🙂


        • D. Rose
          10 April 2017 @ 0840

          Argh! They changed it since I documented it! The set was plain brown undyable leather when 5.0 first launched. I need to re-do the entries now, and double check the others as well. At least the icons make more sense :p


          • Aeden Darko
            10 April 2017 @ 1858

            Really sorry D! That sucks.

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