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  1. Clem
    17 July 2016 @ 0714

    This is wonderful Aeden. I think I’ll try to make a similar outfit. Thumbs up.


  2. Vix
    17 July 2016 @ 1434

    Nicely done, Aedan. Where are the black spots for the background? They just make everything “Pop.”


    • Aeden Darko
      17 July 2016 @ 1554

      Excuse my fail little iPhone. Message above.


  3. Aeden Darko
    17 July 2016 @ 1506

    Have a look at the screenshot guide. I posted there


  4. Aeden Darko
    27 July 2016 @ 2222

    I previewed this helmet after I posted and just had to add these. This helmet is absolutely perfect with this chest incl the lights. It might not be everyones cup of tea but I changed to this and it ain’t going back. In case anyone was interested I thought I would add this.

    Remnant Arkanian Agent’s Headgear


    • Aela'eth
      28 July 2016 @ 0633

      Would agree, this helmet was way better 😀


      • Aeden Darko
        28 July 2016 @ 0800

        Thanks a lot! Best part is that it doesn’t clip either. Prolly the only use I’ll ever find for this helmet too.


    • Demunoki
      28 July 2016 @ 0939

      Jup, this one looks so much better


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