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  1. Aeden Darko
    27 July 2016 @ 2213

    Though the colors match on this I was still hoping for a more random look. Not sure if I got it but this was fun to make.


  2. Sisqi
    29 July 2016 @ 1650

    Very nice smuggler outfit! Where did you get that chestpiece from?


    • Aeden Darko
      1 August 2016 @ 0052

      Hey Sisqi! I got it from farming the droid seeker missions. It’s a bugger to get tbh. If I didn’t get it from trying for the Dreadseed armor then I likely wouldn’t have gone after it. Takes a lot of grinding to get what you want.


      • Sisqi
        2 August 2016 @ 1105

        I can imagine. Still haven’t managed to complete that quest chain unfortunately.


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