Character – Sarne Kyneris – Tomb of Freedon Nadd – Shadow

Submitted by: Kyneris


Sarne CloseSarne FrontSarne Back   Sarne Weapon


Head Not visible Color matched
Chest Primeval Battlemind’s Vestments
Hands Balmorran Resistance Gloves Color matched
Waist Omenbringer’s Waistwrap Color matched
Legs Imperial Containment Officer’s Legs Color matched
Feet Balmorran Resistance Boots Color matched
Wrists Voidmaster’s Bracers Color matched
Weapon Worn Double-bladed Lightsaber
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

Chest: Planetary commendations – Corellia

Hands: Balmorra Social Vendor

Waist: Random drop

Legs: No longer available – Rakghoul Outbreak Event

Feet: Balmorra Social Vendor

Wrists: Random drop


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