Satele Shan



Satele Shan - Female CloseSatele Shan - Female FrontSatele Shan - Female BackSatele Shan - Female RightSatele Shan - Female Left


Satele Shan - Male CloseSatele Shan - Male FrontSatele Shan - Male BackSatele Shan - Male RightSatele Shan - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Satele Shan's Tunic FemaleSatele Shan's Leggings FemaleSatele Shan's Boots FemaleSatele Shan's Gloves FemaleSatele Shan's Belt Female

Satele Shan's Tunic MaleSatele Shan's Leggings MaleSatele Shan's Boots MaleSatele Shan's Gloves MaleSatele Shan's Belt Male


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Satele Shan Dyed


Chest Satele Shan’s Tunic
Hands Satele Shan’s Gloves
Waist Satele Shan’s Belt
Legs Satele Shan’s Leggings
Feet Satele Shan’s Boots

Where to Obtain:

Gatekeeper’s/Builder’s Stronghold Pack


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Satele Shan was a Human female who served as the Jedi Order‘s Grand Master during the Cold War and the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The daughter of Jedi Knight Tasiele Shan, who was herself a descendant of the legendary Jedi Knights Revan and Bastila Shan, Satele was born on the planet Brentaal IV in the year 3699 BBY. Inheriting her family’s Force-sensitivity, she was inducted into the Jedi Order and became the Padawan of Jedi Master Ngani Zho, though she later traveled to the Sith homeworld of Korriban to study under the Zabrak Battlemaster Kao Cen Darach. It was there that she witnessed the recapture of the planet by the Sith Empire in 3681 BBY, and she escaped to warn the Republic with the help of the smuggler Nico Okarr and a Republic trooper named Jace Malcom at the cost of Darach’s life.