Saul Karath



Saul Karath - Female CloseSaul Karath - Female FrontSaul Karath - Female BackSaul Karath - Female RightSaul Karath - Female Left


Saul Karath - Male CloseSaul Karath - Male FrontSaul Karath - Male BackSaul Karath - Male RightSaul Karath - Male Left


Head Saul Karath’s Hat
Chest Saul Karath’s Jacket
Hands Saul Karath’s Gloves
Waist Saul Karath’s Belt
Legs Saul Karath’s Pants
Feet Saul Karath’s Boots

Where to Obtain:

Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack


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Saul Karath was a Human male born on Corellia who served in the Galactic Republic‘s Navy as an admiral during the Mandalorian Wars. In 3963 BBY, Karath was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiralafter keeping the Mandalorian forces at bay for six weeks at the Jebble-Vanquo-Tarnith line. When the fugitive Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick—who was fleeing from his Masters after being framed for the Padawan Massacre—attempted to warn Karath of the planet Serroco‘s impending destruction, Karath assumed that Carrick was a Mandalorian spy. When the Mandalorians razed Serroco’s surface, Karath and his allies took Carrick into custody and, after boarding Adascorp leader Arkoh Adasca‘s flagship Arkanian Legacy, they participated in an auction in which Karath attempted to negotiate for Republic control of Adasca’s exogorth superweapons. After Adasca’s schemes were brought to an end, Karath also played a role in the events of the Covenant Affair, which saw the destruction of the Jedi Covenant—a secret Jedi organization which was dedicated to preventing the rise of the Sith—when one of the leaders, the Sith Acolyte Haazen, led an insurrection against the Jedi Order.