Savage Hunter

Gloves are unfinished.


Jet Pack Info


Savage Hunter - Female CloseSavage Hunter - Female FrontSavage Hunter - Female BackSavage Hunter - Female RightSavage Hunter - Female Left


Savage Hunter - Male CloseSavage Hunter - Male FrontSavage Hunter - Male BackSavage Hunter - Male RightSavage Hunter - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Savage Hunter Female ChestguardSavage Hunter Female GreavesSavage Hunter Female BootsSavage Hunter Female HeadgearSavage Hunter Female BeltSavage Hunter Female Wristguards

Savage Hunter Male ChestguardSavage Hunter Male GreavesSavage Hunter Male BootsSavage Hunter Male HeadgearSavage Hunter Male BeltSavage Hunter Male Wristguards


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Savage Hunter Dyed


HeadSavage Hunter Headgear
ChestSavage Hunter Chestguard
HandsSavage Hunter Gauntlets
WaistSavage Hunter Belt
LegsSavage Hunter Greaves
FeetSavage Hunter Boots
WristsSavage Hunter Wristguards

Where to Obtain:

Architect’s Stronghold Pack


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces