Security Chief - Female CloseSecurity Chief - Female FrontSecurity Chief - Female BackSecurity Chief - Female RightSecurity Chief - Female Left


Security Chief - Male CloseSecurity Chief - Male FrontSecurity Chief - Male BackSecurity Chief - Male RightSecurity Chief - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Security Chief UniformSecurity Chief TrousersSecurity Chief BootsSecurity Chief HelmSecurity Chief Utility BeltSecurity Chief GlovesSecurity Chief Cuffs


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Security Chief Dyed FrontSecurity Chief Dyed Back

Hides Hood

Security Chief Hides Hood

Head Security Chief’s Helm
Chest Security Chief’s Uniform
Hands Security Chief’s Gloves
Waist Security Chief’s Utility Belt
Legs Security Chief’s Trousers
Feet Security Chief’s Boots
Wrists Security Chief’s Cuffs


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