Shadow Corsair - Female CloseShadow Corsair - Female FrontShadow Corsair - Female BackShadow Corsair - Female RightShadow Corsair - Female Left


Shadow Corsair - Male CloseShadow Corsair - Male FrontShadow Corsair - Male BackShadow Corsair - Male RightShadow Corsair - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Shadow Corsair TunicShadow Corsair PantsShadow Corsair BootsShadow Corsair HelmShadow Corsair GlovesShadow Corsair BeltShadow Corsair Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Shadow Corsair Dyed FrontShadow Corsair Dyed Back

Doesn’t Hide Hood

Shadow Corsair Doesn't Hide Hood

Head Shadow Corsair’s Helm
Chest Shadow Corsair’s Tunic
Hands Shadow Corsair’s Gloves
Waist Shadow Corsair’s Belt
Legs Shadow Corsair’s Pants
Feet Shadow Corsair’s Boots
Wrists Shadow Corsair’s Bracers


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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