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TOR Fashion


  1. gua543
    17 October 2017 @ 0842

    Kek, all the pieces stolen from somewhere except the head.


    • Bastardodcadena
      17 October 2017 @ 0916

      was on the game, early game… was rare but i remember it….


      • Darth Ji'inx
        17 October 2017 @ 1136

        It’s part of the helm model for some of the original Inquisitor PvP sets, but with an added mask and collar. Some NPCs like Terrak Morrhage (Jedi Consular storyline) use this plain version of it, but this is the first time it’s been released as an actual item.


  2. Nevi
    17 October 2017 @ 0854

    *slams fist on desk* Blast it to Umbara and all the way back! Why do I like this stupid set? Oh right… because it’s the first sith themed thing I have seen come out of the cartel market in the past YEAR.


    • Harston
      8 November 2017 @ 1456

      Wait… What?
      Have you been browsing the market with your eyes closed?


  3. Jonathan Parker
    17 October 2017 @ 2250

    I really wish the robe was armored or something, since it really makes the boots (and my favorite spiky-fingered gauntlets) look out of place, and I’m not a big fan of plain robes. All the same, I think I’ll get this for my Assassin at some point. I’ll just use the robe and pants with the boots, gauntlets, and belt from the Resurrected Warrior set. Perfect Assassin material! Just enough armor, cool looking black robes, no need to buy a super expensive dye, AND I can keep my spiky fingers.


  4. EarthKnight
    18 October 2017 @ 1543

    The chest is Veda Cloth Body Armor, but schematics were pillaged from Synthweavers :[


  5. Macleod
    2 November 2017 @ 1610

    Mask hides hood, what a travesty.


  6. Kyacho
    12 November 2017 @ 0126

    It glitches on the back of the belt when u run, its hurting my eyes, too bad they made it that way. 😡


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