Shadowed Med-tech/ Boltblaster/ Demolisher MK-1/2 (Pub)



Kell Dragon Trooper - Female CloseKell Dragon Trooper - Female FrontKell Dragon Trooper - Female BackKell Dragon Trooper - Female RightKell Dragon Trooper - Female Left


Kell Dragon Trooper - Male CloseKell Dragon Trooper - Male FrontKell Dragon Trooper - Male BackKell Dragon Trooper - Male RightKell Dragon Trooper - Male Left



HeadShadowed Med-tech’s MK-1 Helmet
ChestShadowed Med-tech’s MK-1 Body Armor
HandsShadowed Med-tech’s MK-1 Gauntlets
WaistShadowed Med-tech’s MK-1 Belt
LegsShadowed Med-tech’s MK-1 Legplates
FeetShadowed Med-tech’s MK-1 Boots
WristsShadowed Med-tech’s MK-1 Bracers


HeadShadowed Med-tech’s MK-2 Helmet
ChestShadowed Med-tech’s MK-2 Body Armor
HandsShadowed Med-tech’s MK-2 Gauntlets
WaistShadowed Med-tech’s MK-2 Belt
LegsShadowed Med-tech’s MK-2 Legplates
FeetShadowed Med-tech’s MK-2 Boots
WristsShadowed Med-tech’s MK-2 Bracers


HeadShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-1 Helmet
ChestShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-1 Chestguard
HandsShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-1 Gauntlets
WaistShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-1 Belt
LegsShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-1 Greaves
FeetShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-1 Boots
WristsShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-1 Vambraces


HeadShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-2 Helmet
ChestShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-2 Body Armor
HandsShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-2 Gauntlets
WaistShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-2 Belt
LegsShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-2 Leggings
FeetShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-2 Boots
WristsShadowed Boltblaster’s MK-2 Bracers


HeadShadowed Demolisher’s MK-1 Helmet
ChestShadowed Demolisher’s MK-1 Body Armor
HandsShadowed Demolisher’s MK-1 Gauntlets
WaistShadowed Demolisher’s MK-1 Belt
LegsShadowed Demolisher’s MK-1 Legplates
FeetShadowed Demolisher’s MK-1 Boots
WristsShadowed Demolisher’s MK-1 Bracers


HeadShadowed Demolisher’s MK-2 Helmet
ChestShadowed Demolisher’s MK-2 Body Armor
HandsShadowed Demolisher’s MK-2 Gauntlets
WaistShadowed Demolisher’s MK-2 Belt
LegsShadowed Demolisher’s MK-2 Legplates
FeetShadowed Demolisher’s MK-2 Boots
WristsShadowed Demolisher’s MK-2 Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Patch 2.2

NiM Terror From Beyond and Scum & Villainy.

See Dulfy’s Kell Dragon Armor guide for videos showing the armor animation.


 Head Pieces

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Chest Pieces

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