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  1. gua543
    26 November 2021 @ 0531

    In what iRating range does this item drop?


  2. d rose
    26 November 2021 @ 1936

    The lowest irating Sha’tek I have on hand is 286. I’m not sure if it stops dropping earlier or not. It can drop all the way to 306.


  3. gua543
    27 November 2021 @ 0650

    I’m curious because I get Sha’tek drops every now and then, but they have a completely new model and look nothing like the one in here.


  4. Hagenbuch
    27 November 2021 @ 0856

    Back when they first appeared on the PTS the Sha’tek weapons used the old Iokath MK-5 weapon models as placeholders.
    That’s presumably when the pictures were taken.


  5. d rose
    27 November 2021 @ 1145

    I didn’t know that! I have received very few Sha’tek weapons and I don’t have a sample of most of them in storage. I’ll check what I do have, but there isn’t much time to get the rest. I didn’t test 75-80 on the PTS. I am curious if these will still drop in those level ranges? I haven’t heard what world drops are like at all from people who did test that content.


  6. d rose
    27 November 2021 @ 1454

    I’m sending Exile what I have, which is the blaster rifle and lightsabers. If either of you have other weapons, could you send her screenshots of those? Did either of you check to see what is dropping between 75 and 79?


  7. gua543
    27 November 2021 @ 1539

    I only have a rifle and lightsaber myself, unfortunately. Could try to get a blaster pistol though.


  8. Hagenbuch
    28 November 2021 @ 0542

    I have the pistol and I’ll try to get the sniper rifle next.


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