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  1. Anonymous
    2 December 2020 @ 0945

    That looks absolutely Epic !!! I love the outfit, it fits so well together and the screenshots are amazing as well !!! Do you know anyone who could craft this chest armor for me (as there is no other way of getting it and the chance it will pop up on GTN is low) ? Because in my opinion it is the best looking bounty hunter armor out there, sadly the only accessible version is the one from alliance crates and that has ugly shoulder pads.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  2. Anonymous
    2 December 2020 @ 1233

    I sadly do not know if any crafts the chest piece, fact i dont think it is craftable, the amrour piece is just a drop item 🙁


  3. Anonymous
    2 December 2020 @ 1249

    There are three variants as seen here: All of them are purple quality. There is also the set with the same name in blue quality, but it seems to look different, at least the gauntlets and boots. I found 2 pieces of the purple one on GTN on Darth Malgus, a helmet of “Elite Vanguard” that is moddable and probably drop and then “Elite war Medic” belt that is crafted (judging by the “Made by” text) and is non-modable. So I think there is a possibility that someone can craft the chestpiece.


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