Character – Shazyra – The Red Eclipse – Juggernaut

Submitted by: Jani Borda


SS25SS21 SS23SS24SS22


Head Not visible Color Matched
Chest Warlord’s Chestguard Black – Deep Blue
Hands Elder Paragon’s Gloves Color Matched
Waist Blade Tyrant’s Belt Color Matched
Legs Carth Onasi’s Pants Color Matched
Feet Fortified Phobium Boots Color Matched
Wrists Carth Onasi’s Bracers Color Matched
Weapon Not listed
Offhand Not visible

Where to Obtain:

Chest: Synthweaving – level 19

Hands: Random drop – Hoth

Waist: Random drop – Dromund Kaas to Taris

Legs: Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

Feet: Synthweaving – level 31

Wrists: Regulator’s/Enforcer’s Contraband Pack

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