• Source: Synthweaving
  • Reverse-Engineered: From Lashaa Aegis
  • Level: 16


Lashaa Aegis - Female CloseLashaa Aegis - Female FrontLashaa Aegis - Female BackLashaa Aegis - Female RightLashaa Aegis - Female Left


Lashaa Aegis - Male CloseLashaa Aegis - Male FrontLashaa Aegis - Male BackLashaa Aegis - Male RightLashaa Aegis - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Lashaa Aegis VestmentsLashaa Aegis Lower RobeLashaa Aegis BootsLashaa Aegis HeadgearLashaa Aegis GlovesLashaa Aegis SashLashaa Aegis Bracers


White and Light Orange

Lashaa Aegis Dyed FrontLashaa Aegis Dyed Back

Doesn’t Hide Hood

Lashaa Aegis Hides Hood

Head Shimmersilk Aegis Headgear
Chest Shimmersilk Aegis Vestments
Hands Shimmersilk Aegis Gloves
Waist Shimmersilk Aegis Sash
Legs Shimmersilk Aegis Lower Robe
Feet Shimmersilk Aegis Boots
Wrists Shimmersilk Aegis Bracers


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces

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