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Ship Color Modules

Click on each image below to view a larger image.

Ship color modules are unlocked per character and are available to any ship once unlocked. Because it takes an enormous amount of time to get screenshots of every color module on every paint scheme and I don’t have all of the ships unlocked, only one ship type/paint job (S-12 Blackbolt/NovaDive in Stock) is shown for the color modules. Please see Ship Paint Jobs for the different paint schemes.


Crimson – Gray

Club Vertica Nightlife Pack

Crimson - GrayCrimson - Gray Inverted

Crimson – Orange

Space Jockey’s Starfighter Pack

Crimson - OrangeCrimson - Orange Inverted

Crimson – Red

Wingman’s/Dogfighter’s Starfighter Pack

Crimson - RedCrimson - Red Inverted

Dark Blue – Cream

Hotshot’s Starfighter Pack

Dark Blue - CreamDark Blue - Cream Inverted

Dark Blue – Gray

Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack

Dark Blue - GrayDark Blue - Gray Inverted

Dark Blue – Light Purple

180 CC

Dark Blue - Light PurpleDark Blue - Light Purple Inverted

Dark Gray – Red

Dark Gray - RedDark Gray - Red Inverted

Dark Green – Green

Club Vertica Nightlife Pack

Dark Green - GreenDark Green - Green Inverted

Dark Purple – Purple

360 CC

Dark Purple - PurpleDark Purple - Purple Inverted

Gray – Dark Red

Gray - Dark RedGray - Dark Red Inverted

Turquoise – Dark Gray

Galactic Ace’s Starfighter Pack

Turquoise - Dark GrayTurquoise - Dark Gray Inverted

White – Gray

90 CC

White - GrayWhite - Gray Inverted

Yellow Green – Dark Green

Yellow Green-Dark GreenYellow Green-Dark Green Inverted

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