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TOR Fashion


  1. Skaarsengard
    1 July 2014 @ 1453

    That jacket! O_O I must has!


    • Meta Ray Mek
      1 July 2014 @ 1756

      You and me both!


    • Rico
      1 July 2014 @ 2332

      This jacket is the same as the lvl 50 chest endgame for smuglers


      • Skaarsengard
        2 July 2014 @ 0705

        Oh? I honestly didn’t know that. o_O


        • Meta Ray Mek
          2 July 2014 @ 0715

          If Rico is referring to the ones here ( scroll down until you see the Black Hole/Campaign/Hazmat/D. Guard), technically he’s right, though this one has just enough differences to not be a 100% knock-off (like, there’s no buttflaps on the jacket, for one).


          • Skaarsengard
            2 July 2014 @ 0805

            Oh, I see! Much thanks for the info. I have yet to play some end game content in the game. 🙂

  2. Zakun
    2 July 2014 @ 0146

    This is a bright spot in the pack armor wise. Looks awesome.


    • Emperor of the Lepi
      22 December 2015 @ 1525

      Reminds me more of Marshall Bravestarr than anything that belongs to Star Wars.


      • Kantakouzenos Von Carstein
        4 May 2016 @ 0449

        oh yah


  3. Khadan
    2 July 2014 @ 1255

    Is that a feather in the hat? And I’d give a ton of money for just a hat. Don’t need any think wrapping my face.


    • Exiled Messenger
      2 July 2014 @ 1256

      Yes, there is a feather in the hat.


      • Sean
        6 July 2014 @ 1930

        It’s not a feather; it looks more like an antenna.


  4. Pippera
    3 July 2014 @ 1025

    I do like how the shoulder pads and strap disappear on those with the female body type 2. It’s a curiosity, but in my opinion it improves the set tenfold.


  5. Macleod
    5 July 2014 @ 1920

    Boots are weird, but overall a decent original set, wasn’t ruined with overexpectations in concept art like the Temple Guardian set.


  6. Rex
    11 September 2014 @ 0045

    I was looking for something for my Smuggler, and thought this set was perfect, other than the boots. I got Malak’s Shadow boots for cheap and color matched them, looks pretty nice IMO.


  7. Tombstone
    3 February 2015 @ 2111

    I wish someone would explain why every one of these otherwise insanely cool wide-brim hats has to come included with a ridiculous looking chin strap. Total deal-breaker.


    • writelikeaman
      4 February 2015 @ 1923

      It’s because they can’t or won’t render your hair choice under/around said hat.


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