Shyx’Anka – Satele Shan

    • Character: Shyx’Anka of Satele Shan
    • Sith Inquisitor: Assassin
    • Submitted by: Imperious

When the Harbinger still existed, just never played a Miraluka as Sith and now looking to get her the Darth Occlus title from Darth Marr…

Item Name Color Matched? /Tuning Dye/Crystal Color(s) Source
Head Visas Marr’s Veil Yes GTN
Chest Bestial Fanatic’s Harness GTN
Hands Darth Sion’s Vambrace Yes GTN
Waist Darth Sion’s Sash Yes GTN
Legs Ventilated Triumvirate Leggings No GTN
Feet Unbreakable Defender’s Boots Yes GTN
Wrists Visas Marr’s Wristwraps Yes GTN
Weapon Ardent Defender’s Dualsaber None Purple GTN

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