Silent Ghost -- Female CloseSilent Ghost -- Female FrontSilent Ghost -- Female BackSilent Ghost -- Female RightSilent Ghost -- Female Left


Silent Ghost -- Male CloseSilent Ghost -- Male FrontSilent Ghost -- Male BackSilent Ghost -- Male RightSilent Ghost -- Male Left

Individual Pieces

Silent Ghost Female BreastplateSilent Ghost Female GreavesSilent Ghost Female Boots

Silent Ghost Female HelmetSilent Ghost Female Gloves

Silent Ghost Female BeltSilent Ghost Female Bracers

Silent Ghost Male BreastplateSilent Ghost Male GreavesSilent Ghost Male Boots

Silent Ghost Male HelmetSilent Ghost Male Gloves

Silent Ghost Male BeltSilent Ghost Male Bracers


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Silent Ghost Dyed


Head Silent Ghost’s Helmet
Chest Silent Ghost’s Breastplate
Hands Silent Ghost’s Gloves
Waist Silent Ghost’s Belt
Legs Silent Ghost’s Greaves
Feet Silent Ghost’s Boots
Wrists Silent Ghost’s Bracers

Where to Obtain:

Pilgrim’s Shadow Pack; Esstran Exports Reputation Vendor – Hero (3 x Cartel Market Certificate + 100,000 credits)