Sith Champion

  • Source: May be avilable as random world drop


Sith Champion - Female CloseSith Champion - Female FrontSith Champion - Female BackSith Champion - Female RightSith Champion - Female Left


Sith Champion - Male CloseSith Champion - Male FrontSith Champion - Male Back   Sith Champion - Male RightSith Champion - Male Left

Individual Pieces

Sith Champion ChestguardSith Champion GreavesSith Champion BootsSith Champion HeadgearSith Champion HandgearSith Champion ArmguardsSith Champion Belt


Dark Purple and Deep Yellow

Sith Champion Dyed FrontSith Champion Dyed Back

Hides Hood

Sith Champion Hides Hood

HeadSith Champion’s Headgear
ChestSith Champion’s Chestguard
HandsSith Champion’s Handgear
WaistSith Champion’s Belt
LegsSith Champion’s Greaves
FeetSith Champion’s Boots
WristsSith Champion’s Armguards


Head Pieces

Chest Pieces